In a world where only one person in five gets to do what they do best every day, Debbie counts her blessings. Being a nurse has been her life’s work and her heartbeat for the past 40 years. Her ability to be a good listener, to be unflappable and her deep caring for others all merged into a series of events that would impact her community and beyond. Following a long career in hospital nursing, Debbie transitioned to home health care and then to the world of case management. She launched Nurses Case Management (NCM) in 2000, in large part to address the growing and unmet need of care and advocacy for those who need assistance as a result of aging, injury, or illness.

Debbie’s years of experience, passion and need to educate has made her a sought-after speaker who is able to capture her audience while simultaneously educating them on the aging process.


Advance Directives and Planning – Explore the opportunity to get this right! Decades of real-life experiences have given Debbie Pearson, RN the tools to train. With her guidance, you can complete this critical piece of your life; buttoned up to perfection. Understand what to do and who to put in place so you are protected in exactly the way you want. Or, understand how to help those special people that you are longing to protect. Learn the foolproof words that lead to success when attempting to influence others to complete their documents.

Advocating for Your Loved Ones – When you hear advocacy do you think “bossy”? Many do. But, advocacy requires investigation, analysis, and a new perspective on decision-making. Decisions for another require a different thought process than decisions for yourself. Understand the ethical standard so that you can become the perfect advocate for another.

Caring in the Chaos of Today’s Healthcare – With so much uncertainty in healthcare, how can any of us feel like we are solid ground? Even for those who are fortunate to have “good” health insurance, the plan is at risk of changing every year which may mean your doctors will change along with hospitals and medications. Both Medicare and Medicaid are at risk of looking quite different in the months and years to come. How can you fulfill your role as caregiver or responsible party in the face of constant confusion? Learn the best strategies to remain the constant when all is moving around you or those you love.

Control Your Aging Years – Getting older means the day may come when we can no longer care for ourselves or communicate our wishes. But too many of us put off sharing vital information and crucial choices about what we want and need until it’s too late. The result is chaos – both in our lives, and in the lives of those yearning to support us. Debbie Pearson, RN reveals what you need to know to apply control to your own aging process, or assist a loved one in creating a plan for how they want to spend their final years.

Family Feuds in Healthcare – Entering into a medical crisis is much like throwing a stick of dynamite into a roaring fire. Especially when family dysfunction is the norm. Everyone explodes, shooting sparks in all directions. Learn from real-life patient experiences; what strategies can be applied to prepare for the inevitable crisis ahead of time. Once enmeshed in the crisis, grasp the techniques to tamp down the flames and move forward.

Preparation During Incapacity – The key to preparing for incapacity is recognition. As painful as it might be, we all have a chance to get this right if we take action . The road to incapacity is typically long, providing a wide window of opportunity to complete a plan. For any of you who are willing to make eye contact with the future, preparation is the greatest gift that can be bestowed. Whether this is a gift you’re wanting to give or receive, the process is the same. Learn the specific steps to follow for your own preparation or to assist another with their plan.

Tension Between Medical & Legal – Get a view of today’s potential collision course between medical and legal practice. Understand where legal documents come to a screeching halt. Even the best legal documents only go so far in the today’s healthcare. Don’t operate under false assumptions that could leave you in an irreversible situation. Learn how to release the tension and assemble exactly what is needed to navigate your own life or the lives of those you care for.

Understanding Guardianship – Guardianship is one of the most misunderstood legal processes in this country. It is a tremendous step that removes legal rights and establishes protections. There are varying levels and types of guardianships but all are based on some level of incapacity. Understand the legal process required, safeguards put in place, and requirements of the responsible party. Case studies will be presented to more vividly feel the texture of the road that’s traveled along the way.

Topic Customized to Your Audience – With decades of experience in healthcare, the opportunity for customized topics abound. With the combination of longevity extending life and resources shrinking, everyone is facing challenges. Take advantage of lessons lived and learned. Submit your unique challenge for the development of a customized and thoughtful program.

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