We are never too old to learn and keeping a mind activate is the best way to keep it young!  I ran across this great article about senior citizens returning to college.  I think it is a wonderful idea for those who are looking to keep their mind sharp while expanding their horizons.  It isn’t necessarily about finding a new career but more about learning something you always wanted to but lacked the time and or resources.

For some older adults, retirement is a well-deserved time of rest, spending afternoons on the golf course and summers at the beach. For other seniors, however, retirement means something entirely different: going back to college.

Many universities offer programs for senior citizens returning to college. They are designed to help seniors gain skills or knowledge for a new career, or to earn credits for a degree. These initiatives are commonly called encore programs. The classes are held on campus, online, or through a mix of the two.  READ MORE …

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