Services are born from need. And, as our world changes, so do demands. At rocket speed. The speed of sending an important document evolved from overnight mail, to fax, then to scan. There is no longer a need for your actual signature in many circumstances; docusign can do the trick.

In healthcare, the transformation of what can be done continues to morph into enhanced options. Not too long ago, our inability to clearly see inside the body was tackled by performing exploratory surgery. Without clarity, patients would be opened up to discover out what the problem was. It was the standard of care, invasive and painful.

Today it’s rare to go blindly into surgery. With the evolution of scans, MRI’s, and angiography, answers abound. But, what is the price of this clarity?

Tough decisions.

Once there is a diagnosis and treatment options, that’s the tension point that I’ve seen time and again. For many, the answer is clear that everything medically possible should be done. However, with advancing years and progressive frailty, there can be a moral imperative to take time for thoughtful consideration.

For instance, a cardiac pacemaker can be placed in a failing heart, extending quality life for many. However, for others, this becomes the means to prolong suffering. Simply having an option available doesn’t mean it’s the customized solution for everyone.

In the world of firefighting, some flames are allowed to burn in an attempt to clear the brush for a safer tomorrow. Deliberation takes place, evaluation of pros and cons, then the resolution of what is right in the particular situation. Over time, we will continue to develop answers to everything. The challenge is to stop and recognize that options are yours to evaluate, not an imperative to act. Judgment is yours to apply.

Take your time. Think. Customize decisions to the individual. 

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