Happy New Year! If anyone had told me a year ago I would be writing a blog, I would have split my side laughing. Seems like passion can propel anyone to action – even me.

I have an abundance of gratitude for you sticking with me this year in hearing about planning . . . over and over again. Now that the horizon is visible, it feels like a beautiful gift.

Some of the beauty is that you will have the program to plan in your hands. You will be able to move forward with either your own planning or will be equipped to help a loved one to initiate their plan.

If you or your loved one is already having problems from lack of planning, you’ll have the option of starting at whatever point in the Blueprint that has the most glaring need. If medical instability is present, begin with the medical chapter. If finances are an unknown mess, then that’s the ideal place to start.

Create a Blueprint for Each Person

You may be tempted to use one Blueprint for a married couple. This is how I started in working with patients in their homes. It seemed logical to me. But, what I found was that two people in one book resulted in confusion. Each had different insurance cards, individual legal documents, and unique wishes.

Through trial and error, I learned that the cleanest method was to have one book for each individual. Then, the final reason is that couples almost always die at different times. Having an individual Blueprint for each person will preserve their unique plan intact.

Should your goal be to motivate someone else to plan, there are three things to help. First, have them read the Age Your Way storybook. The inspiring and cautionary tales are there to provide motivation.

Second, you can begin your own plan and show them what you’re doing.

Third, you can assist them to start their plan. Whereas a helpful start might be all that’s needed for some, others might need you to remain involved throughout the entire planning process.

And if you stall out, post a comment, contact me or send a private message on Facebook. My goal is to help you push the planning boulder up the steep hill. Because I have experienced the relief of completing plans and knowing an enhanced level of control is real.

It’s my hope that 2017 propels you forward with unlimited commitment and energy. For nothing is more exhausting than a task that is never started. Obtain the Blueprint for yourself and for those you care about. Begin the process. Make your New Year’s resolution to finish it in 2017.

Happy New Year to you!


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