Healthcare entitlement is defined as a form of government medical insurance such as Medicare and Medicaid. Each entitlement is confined to a select group of people who qualify under a narrow set of rules such as age, specific medical condition, disability, or low income.

I prefer my definition because it encompasses everyone and it’s free!! What a deal!

How do you qualify? Simple as pie. All you need to do is make your own healthcare decisions. Everyone in this country is entitled to make your own healthcare choices. You get to decide what you want and don’t want as you consider options and make your voice heard.

The ability to think through options and make your voice heard, however, may have an expiration date. What happens if age, injury, or illness robs your ability to evaluate alternatives and communication wishes? What then?  Uh oh.

Guaranteeing that your voice is heard requires work in advance of the need. It’s easier than you think.

  • Execute your legal documents: power of attorney, HIPAA release, and directive to physician.
  • Document your specific wishes for care.
  • Share your documents and wishes with your future responsible party.

Not only do these steps assure your wishes will be honored but there’s an additional silver lining. Having a documented plan protects your loved ones. This prevents the heartache of them stepping in to make a decision that may haunt them for years to come. Save them this heartache and provide yourself the needed peace of mind.

Do this for yourself and for those you love.

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