As our country deals with the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey and begins the process of rebuilding, it’s a time to marvel at how remarkable we are in our ability to provide emergency response, care, and comfort. With every disaster, our hearts respond and our expertise grows. We are truly blessed in our ability to garner gratitude from the gutter of contaminated water.

My niece lives in Houston and was among the fortunate. Although she was “water-locked” for the entire event and after, she came away with a gift: community. While stranded, the neighborhood came together as never-before, meeting, supporting, clinging to their world that had become so small and drenched. They will be forever changed in a positive manner.

With every crisis and every disaster, we have two opportunities for growth: heart and head. Our hearts will either scar or soar. Our heads will either stall out or start developing. It is through the events that touch both our hearts and our heads where we excel. And our resilience is boundless.

The re-building of all areas impacted by Hurricane Harvey will be slow and tedious. We will certainly see sadness and despair as we pass the crisis and allow the reality of loss settle into what will never be the same. The question is, will all those touched become victims or victors?

For my fellow Texans who were not caught in the swirl of wind and water, let’s do our part in the aftermath. The need for financial contributions didn’t end as the waters receded. The necessity remains strong as those less fortunate begin the arduous task of rebuilding. For all who have already given, take a moment to think: are you able to give again? How much would your life change if you contributed the exact same amount as you gave initially?

Together let’s show that everything’s bigger in Texas! Including our passion and our pocketbooks.

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