The hunger for feedback is everywhere. Just tweet or post and think how eagerly you await a response. It can be positive or negative, as long as there is a reaction.

Failure is also feedback and often the most beneficial response you’ll ever receive. If you’re willing to make eye contact and use failure for its full value, then you can take this gift and grow. Hug your failure, own it, let it guide your path forward. If you’re smart, you’ll refuse to let failure define you. Instead, you’ll let it refine you.

The challenge is to NOT selectively choose what you acknowledge. It’s tempting to embrace only the lessons that resonate with you and the ones where you understand the reason for failure. The others that are more complicated or painful are discarded like last week’s rubbish. Those are the jewels. The seeds that can put you ahead of the herd. The really tough stuff. These may require you to dig in, go through some pain and suffering before you arrive at the other side.

Success is often built on a pile of failures. This is called experience. Take your failures, take your feedback, and continue to build your pile. When you look back, you can probably tell others how much you matured based on negative experiences. Maybe your talk will motivate others to open their arms to failure, learn, and grow.

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