As the publication of The Blueprint to Age Your Way approaches, you may be wondering how it works or if you’ll need help. Or, you may be thinking: “How challenging can it be to enter information into a book? Why is any guidance needed?”

Because you are entering into unfamiliar territory. You are either putting all the scattered pieces of your life together or assisting someone else to do the same.

Implementing The Blueprint to Age Your Way program demands an abundance of respect and sensitivity. Although you may execute your own Blueprint, many individuals will require an advocate for all or part of the planning.

How to Implement The Blueprint to Age Your Way

There are four distinct areas of planning: medical, legal, financial, and personal.

The following tips will help you proceed through the process:

  • If you are acting as an advocate, then please treat this as a position of trust, confidentiality, and neutrality, especially as you gather personal documents. Continue to think about how you would feel if the roles were reversed and someone else had the task of digging into all the corners of your life. How uncomfortable would that be?
  • Keep in mind, your role is not to guide or judge decisions. Rather, it is to extract and record someone else’s decisions to ensure their Blueprint is just that: theirs. An accurate accounting of their wishes. Their unique plan.
  • We all have our own perspective on finances, health, and how we want our lives to be lived. Advocates are tasked with the neutral role of documenting for others, not guiding responses. Once completed, the plan serves as a gold mine of information, exclusive to that individual.
  • Many people approach the planning process at the stage when most of their active lives are in the past. As for the present, some remain happily occupied, but for others, longstanding networks are not necessarily reliable: friends or siblings may have died, some relationships may not have stood the test of time, and others may be developing stress fractures.
  • Meanwhile, finances may be falling short and health isn’t guaranteed. A few cases may reveal problems without hope of resolution and a foundation of disorder. Your kindness and support are the gifts you offer. Use these gifts wisely and learn as you go.
  • The process can be exhausting, so don’t push, and don’t rush. Always allow the person you are assisting to set the pace. Whatever works for them is the right pace. If you are launching your own plan, then apply the same patience and kindness to yourself. It took years to amass the layers of your life, the texture that makes you unique. Documenting and gathering everything takes time.

I’m personally thrilled that The Blueprint will be widely available soon, on February 12, 2017! It is available now on Amazon for individual purchase (preorders). For companies interested in volume purchases, please use the contact form here with your request and/or questions.

If you haven’t done so yet, be sure to get your complimentary copies of two forms you’ll find in The Blueprint. Click here.



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