In diet discussions, does anyone list Dairy Queen as a great option? Probably not.

When my husband, Hank, wound up with a heart stent, we re-focused on healthy eating and weight loss. With Hank’s will power, he achieved his weight objective with ease. Thinking about what you keep in the refrigerator and eliminating fast food turned out to be foundational to success. Amazing what can be done with motivation.

We not only applauded our success, but Hank still weighs in every morning like a prize fighter. For three years now, no exceptions. Eating for both of us has changed in a sustainable manner that’s become an enjoyable routine.

But . . . we still have a problem. The problem is social engagements and traveling. That’s where we get off track and approach the scale with trepidation. It’s shocking how little time is needed to add on five pounds. Then it’s back on the regime with a vengeance.

When the return to the normal doesn’t produce the desired miracle as quickly as desired, we have a secret sauce. In place of supper, we do a DQ drive-thru dinner. Dip cones for two. So yummy! This satisfies both our sweet tooth and the emotional need for a treat. No temptation for late night snacking.

The first time we did this and saw a significant weight loss, we thought it was a fluke. Then we tried our experiment again with the same results. Really? We don’t overdo this magic solution, but when we do, we are always delighted.

Who knew a dip cone could motivate the pounds to dip?

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