Watch Your Garage Door Closing

We’ve all been warned of the dangers of automatic garage door openers. They can close on you or a child. Apply caution!! My perspective on their danger comes from a totally different viewpoint. A real-life experience. Let me share the story. Years ago, my...

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DQ Diet

In diet discussions, does anyone list Dairy Queen as a great option? Probably not. When my husband, Hank, wound up with a heart stent, we re-focused on healthy eating and weight loss. With Hank’s will power, he achieved his weight objective with ease. Thinking about...

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Gratitude from the Gutter of Contaminated Water

As our country deals with the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey and begins the process of rebuilding, it’s a time to marvel at how remarkable we are in our ability to provide emergency response, care, and comfort. With every disaster, our hearts respond and our expertise...

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ICE = In Case of Emergency

This is not a new acronym but deserves repeating because it can be lifesaving. ICE stands for “In Case of Emergency” and is routinely used by rescue workers, police, or doctors to reach the people you would want to be contacted if you’re in an accident or other...

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Could Having a Purpose in Life Help You Age Better?

Do you have a Purpose?  Waking up and knowing what you want or need to do brings clarity and structure to your day.  It motivates you to get up, get dressed and get moving.  But did you know it could also help you age better? Check out this great article I ran across....

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Failure is Feedback

The hunger for feedback is everywhere. Just tweet or post and think how eagerly you await a response. It can be positive or negative, as long as there is a reaction. Failure is also feedback and often the most beneficial response you’ll ever receive. If you’re willing...

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What Babies Can Teach Us About the Power of Smiling

Sometimes smiling isn't always the first thing that comes into our minds, especially if we are having an off day.  But smiling at someone or the simple act itself can make all the difference for you or someone else.  This article on smiling was really great ... I hope...

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Dangling Uncertainty of Aging

I hate not knowing! Maybe you do too. Even when the answer is not what is desired, it’s often easier to cope with a bad answer than to live with an ongoing dangling uncertainty. Working in the field of aging, I often see the emotional trauma that comes from the...

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3 Reasons to Share Your Money Mistakes with Your Grandkids

Money is never an easy subject to broach but one of the benefits of aging is sharing our wisdom. Below is a great article about why grandparents should share their financial mistakes with their grandchildren. Enjoy! That said, it occurs to me that many of the...

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Silos of Care

People are being medically treated as though they exist in a vault. Care is delivered for that moment in time only. I call this: silos of care. Silos apply to both locations where care is delivered and the specialties of care. Although much of your time is spent...

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