You can do it! Get off the sideline of life and move to center stage of your own existence. Stop viewing and start engaging. Put a screeching halt to being the observer of others. Thrust yourself into your own reality. A reality where you can touch, and taste, and smell, and physically caress. A world where your senses grow as your zest for life unfolds. Not a copy-cat life crafted from what you view on a screen but your own unique self.

As part of the new virtual world, you may have inched closer and closer to the periphery, unaware of your withdrawal. Watching the exciting lives of others on your screens. It’s possible to believe that others are living large and looking beautiful while you become less exciting and more vacant.

Screens are replacing mirrors. Toxic mirrors that reflect the dazzle outside of us, as we fade into a virtual non-existence. Discontent abounds.

But there is a cure: action. Turn off your screens, get out of your house, and feed your senses. Immerse yourself in life. Smell the sweet air, the flowers, your favorite coffee shop. Awaken your taste buds with a juicy orange or some other indulgence. Caress the velvet of a baby’s skin or the frailty of your grandparent’s hands. Physically touch those you love rather than texting. And look into the mirror of life. The reality mirror where you smile into the face of another human being and elicit the spontaneous response of a smile returned. Life lived is the ultimate magic mirror.

Senses are like muscles. Left dormant, they will atrophy. This is your challenge and a job that can never be outsourced. The role of action hero is yours alone to play. Get out every day to mingle with humanity. This is your world and will be exactly what you make of it. What power!

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