The Age Your Way book project was and will forever be a labor of love for me.  It always makes my heart swell to read how much it is helping others whether it be in their own planning process or helping others plan.  Today, I am honored to share a review of the book that reflects exactly why it was written.  Enjoy… 

Clyde Farrell, Elder-law Attorney, Austin, Texas

The author tells us on the first page why we all need this book. Otherwise, “We jump into a stranger’s car and, before we know it, we’re swerving around a bend toward an eighteen-wheeler and we realize our driver is drunk and the seatbelt doesn’t work, and…Don’t be that traveler.”

Likewise, she quotes one patient who states elegantly why we shouldn’t leave the planning to our children. “…the patient looked me straight in the eyes and said with clarity, ‘My children have no idea who I am.’”

But this book is equally valuable if you are helping someone else to plan for or cope with long-term care. And as one who does this for a living, I found it well worth reading just for the lovely and poignant stories of the author’s parents’ passages through the aging process.

I wouldn’t swap this for ten “how-to” books full of dry generalizations. It is full of real people, whom we meet through engaging anecdotes drawn from forty years of nursing and caregiving experience. Reading it is as close to learning from experience as you’ll find in the pages of a book.

If you haven’t purchased the book yet, you can find it on Amazon.  To purchase, simply click the image below.

Age Your Way Book

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