More than a book.
A program to put you in control.

Age Your Way is the first step of a unique program designed to address the problem of people losing control over their lives due to aging, injury or illness. The book, available now, is filled with true stories from forty years of experience on the front lines of health care and patient advocacy. Some stories are inspirational, some cautionary, but all eye opening. You will go on a tour through a collection of individuals, some who were fully prepared, and some who, unfortunately, were not. As you read, the moral becomes crystal clear: No one is too young or too old to get started on making their healthcare wishes clear, and getting their legal and financial house in order.

The companion book, Blueprint to Age Your Way, provides a structured format for recording vital information and documenting wishes whether you’re looking ahead to your own future planning or scrambling to assist an elderly relative in crisis. With the blueprint as your guide, your personal plan will leave no question about your unique wishes for both living and dying; more than that, your plan will include legal, medical, and financial information that will be essential to executing your strategy.

When shared, your blueprint will provide a gift to your family, saving them from the agony of choosing for you while they debate over who can better read your mind. Documentation is crucial since, with aging or injury, there is a chance you won’t be able to verbally communicate your wishes or be actively involved in decision-making. If that time comes, what’s in your blueprint will serve as your voice.

Control. It’s doable, and the alternative is unthinkable.


“I just wanted to say I continue to be so impressed with the wisdom that guides this team.  Thank you for your knowledge of this dance and all it takes. Thank you for the war wounds you endure that we never know of. Thank you for always having the best result as your end sight. We are lost without you.”

– Liz Armstrong, Daughter of James Armstrong.

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Blueprint to Age Your Way:

All the years I spent worrying about lack of planning has come to an end.  The Blueprint to Age Your Way is now available on Amazon to anyone who is ready to take that first step.

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